Charged mob attack police station, lynch a blasphemy accused


A charged mob forced their entry into a police station at Nankana Sahib district, took a blasphemy accused into their possession, tortured him to death and kept his body dragging in the area streets amid chants of Labbai Ya Rasool Allah.

The incident took place in War Berton Police Station. Video clips of the incident circulating on social media showed charged people storming the police station, taking the man into their hold and torturing him with sticks and fists.

Some of the attackers accused him of insulting holy book of Quran for ‘witchcraft’.
Taking notice of the incident, Punjab Inspector General of Police Dr Usman Anwar suspended the SHO of the police station and DSP concerned.
Prime Minister has also taken notice of the incident and has sought details despite ordering action against the responsible. “Why didn’t the police stop the violent mob? The rule of law should be ensured. No one should be allowed to influence the law,” he was quoted as saying by a press release.


Hamza Imran

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