US based Ahmadi expresses displeasure over Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya judicial system

The protest banner displayed by Attique Shah at his house in Rabwa. It criticises the Jamaat-e-Ahmadia in severe words. Foto: Attique Shah


In the rare sight of disagreement over the internal system of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya, a US based Ahmadi travelled all the way to Rabwa only to display a protest banner against a decision of a Jamaat court regarding his property worth Rs 8 million.

This is a first ever step of its kind and that too in Rabwa, the headquarter of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya in Pakistan, wherein the Jamaat system is being criticized publically by an Ahmadi. The reason of this incident became a decision of Darul Qaza, a Jamaat’s internal judicial forum where every Ahmadi is bound to go for the solution of civil and family matters. A devoted Ahmadi is not supposed to approach the judicial system set up by the state for these matters.

Sayed Attique Shah put the banner at his disputed house at Rabwa for which the Darul Qaza has ordered him to sell but he has termed this order as illegal, discriminatory and based on coercion and has no intention to obey the order. Talking to Religion Observer, Shah said his brothers were living in Rabwa but no one was ready to take this step. Ultimately he had to travel to Rabwa from the US to display this banner. He said he took this step to encourage anyone facing untoward behavior within the Jamaat to raise his/her voice for their rights.

According to details, Attique made a written agreement with one Shakeel Ahmed, another Ahmadi residing in Germany, to sell his house measuring 10 Marla situated at Darul Nasser area of Rabwa for Rs 8150000 in January 2020. According to the agreement, a copy of which is available with Religion Observer, Shakeel paid him Rs 1 million upfront. However, Committee Abadi Department, another office of the Jamaat that overseas transfer and ownership of Ahmadi lands, did not allow Attique to sell his house to Shakeel. It is worth mentioning that, selling properties for Ahmadis is conditional on the approval of the Committee Abadi Department.

Copy of the circular of Abadi Department which barred Attique Shah from selling his house.


Being barred by the department, Attique said he cancelled his plan to sell the house and asked Shakeel to take his money back. Instead of taking his money back, Shakeel took permission from Nazarat Umoor-e-Ama, another department of the Jamaat, to purchase the property. Over denial of Attique, Shakeel took the matter to Darul Qaza where Nasee Ahmed Chaudhry, judge, ordered Attique to sell the property on December 02, 2020. Attique challenged this decision before the appellate forum of the Darul Qaza which set aside the order of the single judge on February 03, 2021.

Circular issued by Nazarat Umoor e Ama conveying the order of the Supreme Forum of Ahmadi Darul Qaza.

Shakeel took the matter to the Supreme Forum of Darul Qaza (Board Marafae Alia) which decided the matter in his favour and directed Attique to sell the house. The order of the SF was conveyed to Attique by an official of the Nazarat department.

Attique Shah is of the view that the Supreme Forum decided the matter without giving him a chance of defence. He said it is the judicial norm that no one can be condemned unheard. He termed the decision illegal and unethical. He alleged that the SF decided the matter in connivance with the Nazarat department to victimize him. He said he had already expressed his reservations over the decision to the high ups of the Jamaat. Over criticism, they have excommunicated him, Attique said.

To know the version of the Jamaat, the Religion Observer contacted their press department and their reply is being awaited.


Rana Tanveer

3 thoughts on “US based Ahmadi expresses displeasure over Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya judicial system

  1. I don’t know why is it necessary to move in Jama’at Judiciary System ( Qdha) when the county u r living has Judiciary System & one should trust it. But when u decide & choose Jama’at System then one should accept its decision whether it is against or in favor. The problem is that people r blind folded & take Jama’at System divine & r unable to make a difference between ” Faith ” & ” System of Jama’at “. System of Jama’at is something different. But Faith is the base, System has nothing to do with Faith. System can be changed, amended or renewed after deleting But Faith cannot be changed if one changes the Faith it means one leaves the community & out.

  2. It is a kind of state within state system, ultimate beneficiary is centered body of system, ultimately jamatt. It is exploitation and business in the name of religion. Ahmadee brothers should understand it. At the end of day, it is a religious business.

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