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Religion Observer is an online news outlet observing the topic of religion. Its lean staff welcomes pitches and stories on religion from contributors around the world. We monitor and explore how issues of religion shape and shake both national and international events. To help our readers fully understand this complicated relationship between religion and society, we provide analysis and insightful perspectives of experts on the topic.

Keeping track of contemporary religion, Religion Observer not only looks beyond the walls of mosques, churches, temples and synagogues, but also it looks inside the religious denominational officialdom to examine how religion affects the society, and how religious leadership (if any) exploit the adherents. With first-hand coverage of major incidents, the Religion Observer provides true picture how majority religions effect the minority religions, positively or negatively.

Religion Observer is independent, unbiased and objective; it does do not give readers its judgment on what is bad, good or dangerous on today’s religious landscape. It gives them the facts to help them make their opinion and decide accordingly. Religion Observer it provides readers with solid background information on the trends presented, we do reporting and present expert analysis on issues wherever it is necessary.

One of the major focuses of Religion Observer is to defend religious minorities and to give voice to the voiceless. It does not ignore the persecution within the persecuted community. It tries to highlight the exploitation within the persecuted communities. We don’t let the double persecution of the persecuted communities at the hands of their religious hierarchical setups go unnoticed. Religious Observer acknowledges their right of proper coverage.

Though every staff member of Religion Observer has the liberty to follow their personal faith, they do not work for a specific faith when they cover issues involving members of multi-faith communities. Other than theists, giving fair coverage to atheists is also part of the policy of Religion Observer.


Editor: Muhammad Hamza Imran



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