Muslim man charged for desecrating cross, insulting church

A Muslim man is charged for desecrating the cross installed by a church in the Green Town area of Lahore city of Pakistan.

Accused Muhammad Bilal climbed the 40-feet high cross installed by One In Christ Church, Hafiza Chowk, Green Town, tried to take it down and chanted slogans of Allah-o-Akbar. The church caters the Christian community of Hafiz chowk, Nayi Abadi, Green Town. A crowd of the Christian community gathered there but no one physically tried to stop him fearing backlash from the majority Muslim community.


Copy of the FIR registered against the accused.


Dr Mukhtar M Waqas, founder bishop of the church, said the accused jumped down the cross post and people of the Christian community surrounded him fearing he might be dead. Meanwhile, he said, they called Police Rescue 15. Before the arrival of the police, two accomplices of Bilal arrived to help him escape from the scene but the residents of the Christian locality did not let them, he said. Seeing the police arriving, those two guys succeeded in fleeing however they handed over the main accused to the police, Dr Waqas said.

On the application of M M Akash, son of Dr Waqas, Green Town police have registered an FIR against accused Muhammad Bilal under section 265-A (hurting religious feelings of any class by insulting Its religion or religious beliefs), and section 325 (attempt to commit suicide) of Pakistan Penal Code.

In the FIR, the complainant said that Bilal was a resident of Kasur and was working as a labourer in a neighbouring factory. He said he desecrated the cross, insulted the church and hurt the religious feelings of the Christian community.

Dr Waqas told the Religion Observer that several locals of the area are trying to convince him to withdraw the case otherwise the local Christian community would suffer. “I did my best to make the situation normal because I do not want an incident like Yuhannabad to happen again,” he said. He said the Christian community have a trust in law enforcing agencies of the country and hope they would provide them justice.


Hamza Imran

One thought on “Muslim man charged for desecrating cross, insulting church

  1. The law as written should be enforced to foster respect for the law and discourage further such incidents. We cannot have a civilized society without the Rule of Law.
    Jews, Christians, and Muslims are all “People of the Book.” They share Scripture, respect The Word, and look to Abraham as the Father of Fsith.
    Based on these fundamental principles, there will be a great moral force for peace, harmony, justice, and mutual prosperity in the world when these three great monotheistic religions co-operate.
    As for the perpetrator, Bilal, a.mild prison sentence might give him time to reflect on his character, personality, and the kind of world he wants to live in.
    The Christian community is tolerant and forgiving. Bishop Waqas and his One in Christ Church should visit Bilal along with his parents and his own Imam if he receives a prison sentence and make sure he has clothes and food.
    This unfortunate incident should not give rise to further acts of violence, but rather encourage interfaith discussion and dialogue.
    No one respects Vladimir Putin for instigating an unnecessary, destructive, murderous war in Ukraine. It’s time for humanity to grow up and respect each life and the common goals of all great faiths.
    Jesus taught the Law of Love: “Love God. Love your neighbor. Love even your enemy
    Love one another as I have loved you.”
    Let love prevail!

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