Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya contacts Muneeb rape victim for meeting with its head in the US

Mirza Masroor Ahmad, head of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya. File photo.


Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya leadership is trying to convince a US based minor member of its congregation, who was sexually assaulted by a former Jamaat leader, to have a meeting with their central leader Mirza Masroor Ahmad in the sidelines of his ongoing visit to the United States.

Convict Muneeb Ur Rehman raped the minor boy on several occasions during 2018 to 2020 when he was appointed to oversee boys between seven to 15 years of age at Ahmadi Baitul-ul-Ikram Mosque, Dallas city of Texas, United States. He has confessed to his crime and is undergoing a seven years jail term which was given to him in August this year.


Ahmadi leader sent to jail in the US after confessing to raping boy


Zaheer Ahmad Bajwa, missionary of the Dallas chapter of the Jamaat, and Chaudhry Mubashar, secretary revenue of Dallas Jamaat, are trying to convince the victim over a meeting, the Jamaat sources close to the development told Religion Observer. They said they are trying to convince the minor and his mother over meeting by keeping his father in oblivion as he is out of the country. The local leadership is trying to do it as soon as possible so that his father could not get time to influence the minor, the sources said adding that the victim family was not informed when the visit was being planned.

Convict Muneeb Ur Rehman. File photo


The victim and his parents in interviews with a non-profit organization already expressed their reservations over non cooperative behavioiur of the local leadership saying that they were left in the lurch as most of the leaders have been trying to avoid talking to them. It is unclear to say that the central leader of the Jamaat has asked himself for this meeting or the Dallas leadership is arranging it on their own, the sources said adding that Mubashar and Bajwa are giving the impression that they are doing it on their own and would join the minor during the meeting. The victim’s mother has expressed willingness over the meeting but she does not want to have Mubashar and Bajwa in the meeting, the sources said.

Muneeb groomed the 14-year-old boy under his care. Over the course of at least 11 documented encounters, he sexually abused the minor at his apartment, in his car, and during community events and on youth group trips when the minor was under the convict’s direct supervision.

This is the first incident of its kind when Ahmadiyya leadership is contacting a rape victim during the ongoing Ahmadiyya Me Too Movement. It is pertinent to mention here that the Jamaat has already expelled convict Muneeb after his confession followed by a conviction.


Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya excommunicate pedophile leader Muneeb


Most probably the meeting would take place Thursday (today) as Mirza Masroor Ahmed is already in Dallas.

Some Ahmadi dissidents are raising objections over, what they say, exorbitant expenditures of money on the visit. A Reddit post said that the US trip of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya head cost over $10 million. These expenses include a 189-seat chartered plane.


A devoted Ahmadi shows a boarding pass of the chartered plane for his leader’s US visit. Photo: Social media.





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