Hindu sisters donate land for Muslim prayer ground to fulfil father’s will


Fulfilling their late father’s last wish, two Hindu sisters donated 2.1 acres of land worth over Rs12 million to an Eidgah (Muslim prayer ground) in Kashipur, a small town in Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand in India.

This gesture touched the Muslim community so much that they sought blessing for Brajnandan Prasad Rastogi, who died in his late 80s in 2003, during Eid Al Fitr prayers.

Sixty-two-year-old Anita and her sister Saroj, 57, won praise for their deed at a time when there have been reports of anti Muslims unrest in India.

Before his death, Rastogi had confided to his close relatives that he wished to donate some of his agricultural land to an Eidgah for its expansion, but before he could share his last wish with his daughters, he passed away.

His two daughters, who live in Delhi and Meerut, came to know about Rastogi’s last wish through relatives recently.

They immediately contacted their brother Rakesh, who lives in Kashipur, to seek his consent for it and he willingly agreed.

“Honouring father’s last wish was our duty. My sisters have done something which will make his soul rest in peace,” Rakesh said when contacted.

“The two sisters are a living example of communal unity. The Eidgah committee expresses its gratitude to them for the kind gesture. The sisters will soon be felicitated for what they have done,” Hasin Khan of the Eidgah committee said.


Courtesy: PTI


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