One killed, another injured for working for an Ahmadi

Ahmadi women walk past graves at the Ahmadi graveyard in Rabwa, Pakistan. File Photo


A non Ahmadi employee of an Ahmadi homeopath is shot dead while another is injured in a targeted attack inside his clinic in Peshawar Saturday. The deceased was the father of three.

Two attackers entered the clinic of Dr Mansoor Ahmad in Bazid Khel area of Peshawar and opened fire hitting Muhammad Shahid in the head and Jawad Ahmad in the leg, according to the press department of Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya in Rabwa. Shahid succumbed to the head injury while Jawad is under treatment. None of the victims was Ahmadis, however, according to the spokesperson of the Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya, they both were targeted for being employees of the Ahmadi homeopath.

This is the first incident of its kind when non-Ahmadis are targeted for being associates of an Ahmadi.

According to details, two attackers entered the clinic and one of them was wearing a burqa to pretend like a woman. The burqa-clad attacker was complaining of having some pains and suddenly opened fire with a pistol as Dr Shahid got close to him to examine ‘her’. One bullet hit Shahid in his head which caused his death. The owner of the clinic, Doctor Mansoor Ahmad, survived the attack for not being in the clinic at the time of the attack.

Both victims Muhammad Shahid and Jawad Ahmad were not Ahmadis. Shahid was a cousin of the Ahmadi doctor and was working with him for a long time, the spokesperson said.

Five Ahmadis are target killed in Peshawar during two years, the spokesperson told Religion Observer. Last year another Ahmadi doctor was killed in Peshawar.


Rana Tanveer

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